Beyond Redemption production raises $2,943 dollars for Jessica’s House

Beyond Redemption was a huge success!

We were privileged to host the Easter production this past weekend. A sold out show on Friday and a packed house on Sunday saw a total of $2,943 raised to go towards Jessica’s House.

Beyond Redemption followed the life of a family who would be forever changed with the arrival of one man – Jesus. It depicted the death, burial and resurrection through the eyes of Jacob, temple guard, his devoted wife, Miriam and their daughter Deborah.

Pictured above are the cast from left to right: Reagan Williams, Lori Crawford and Adam Cyr.

Amazing show! Inspiring. Witty. Poignant. Redeeming. Congratulations to the entire cast and crew at CFT.

The set design transported the audience into a time when the Roman’s were in power and the Jewish religious leaders lead under the restrictions of the law. Each of the characters depicted  a stunning portrayal of the turmoil, chaos and confusion that would have exploded with the arrival of Jesus. They drew you in and exposed their very insecurities as as they dealt with the upheaval of betrayal. One could easily step into their shoes and imagine what it would have been like to experience this moment in history. It was heart wrenching and life-giving, ending with the promise of a new beginning.


Bravo to the cast, crew and directors for putting together yet another gripping performance filled with laughter and tears.  Thank you to everyone who gave their time and effort to make this possible and thank you to everyone who gave so generously.