The New Year – 2019 // 5779 - Submission

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submission + repentance

The Spirit of the Lord then brought us low, revealing the importance of submission in this year.

“A year of choices. It’s our year to walk in humility, to bow before the King. He doesn’t walk behind you and kick your knees. He never forces us into submission. Our wombs only carry what we allow to be conceived in us. May our hearts respond with, “Your will be done”. It is a choice to see light or darkness. Both exist in this world but what are your eyes focused on?”

Prophetic Word

We encourage you to listen to the audio clip below and let the Lord take you through a time of repentance as you engage with the Spirit.

Key activation points for your personal life:

  1. Repentance is the key that keeps us in a place of submission. Repent of pride and self-reliance. Ask Holy Spirit to show you any specific areas that this has shown up in your life so you can repent.

Key activation for the region/body of Christ:

  1. Pray that the church would position herself in a place of submission and humility at the start of this year.

  2. Pray that the new wine would begin to flow in the places that were prepared in the previous year.

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