Shifting into Kingdom // Releasing Comfort



Moving forward in this year, it will be important that we understand the importance of repentance in relationship to the advancement of the Kingdom. Our mindsets, our belief systems are so ingrained in us that we don’t even know they are running the show. They run by default in the background of our subconscious and most of the time we don’t give them much thought until they cause us problems. Enter the incredible gift of repentance. Repentance sets us up to be able to shift into the new because it is a decision to turn away from the old.

When Jesus came to earth, John the Baptist had been preparing the way by declaring, “Repent! For the Kingdom is at hand.” He was saying, '“Guys, get ready! There is something new coming and you’re going to have to turn away from the old way of thinking that has been passed on through generation to generation so that you can RECEIVE the Kingdom.” It wasn’t about turning away from SIN - although that is also an important attribute of the gift of repentance. It was about turning away from the SYSTEM.

One of the old systems that the Lord is dismantling is that of condemnation. Where it has been rooted into our thinking, our response and our belief systems, repentance sets us free. When we mourn over sin and how it breaks the heart of our Father - ours or anyone else’s - He promises comfort, not condemnation. Often the system that is wired into us only offers condemnation and punishment. Repenting of how we have embraced condemnation instead of the comfort of the Lord will allow Holy Spirit to turn us from that old system and enter into the comfort of the Lord.

We encourage you to listen to Sunday’s message on comfort and repentance to get a more complete picture on what the Lord is saying.

Below are some of the decrees and prayers that the Lord released to help us shift. Take a listen and then check out the prayer points to join us in releasing this across the regional family.

“ In my deepest wound, I saw your glory, Lord.
It astounded me. It astounded me.

CFT Worship Team

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Key activation points for your personal life:

  1. Ask Holy Spirit to reveal if there are areas where you are seeing, believing or thinking contrary to the Kingdom. Use the gift of repentance to allow your mind to be changed and a new wineskin to be developed to hold the NEW.

  2. Receive the comfort of the Lord where you have been tormented by condemnation. Declare, “I receive Your comfort, Lord.”

  3. Listen to the message about comfort here. As you begin, ask the Lord to begin to break you over sin and the effects it brings into the lives of His children.

Key activation for the region/body of Christ:

  1. Pray that the church would be broken over sin and that we as your body would see how it hurts your heart.

  2. Declare that the structures of condemnation would be disassembled, dismantled and disarmed in our regional family. Ask the angels to assist in demolishing strongholds that we don’t know about.

  3. Declare the truth over the region - “God’s not an oppressor. He comforts all who mourn.”

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