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When we hosted our regional worship and intercession night called, The Ascent, on Sunday, March 3, the Lord began to unfold strategy and reveal His heart to us in preparation for the coming months. In this series titled, Stand on Guard, we will share what He is showing His church so you can join in agreement and continue to bring Heaven to earth.

God is always, always moving so we constantly need fresh words and fresh direction to keep up with where He’s leading the church. As you read through the next series of posts, we pray that you would be deeply encouraged and stirred to lean in really, really close in this pivotal season for our nation and the body of Christ in Canada.

The Ascent began with a recap of what had just been uncovered in our national government. We’ve included an audio clip with further details that weave together an intricate and alarming plot twist in our nation. We’re sure you’ll agree that we can’t make this stuff up!

Then the Lord released a song for us to join in declaring that He reigns. Together we sang with all we had in triumph and victory, and perhaps even more so - in fear and trembling. Listen to the clip below and declare with us in the Spirit. Know that there is no time in the spirit realm and this moment is not over just because the night ended. As you join in with what was happening in this moment, you are opening a portal so the Lord can release something specific to you to prepare you for the days ahead.

Prophetic Song

            “The sceptre of justice is in Your hands. You reign!”

CFT Worship Team

For further coverage of what is unfolding in our government, we encourage you to follow to stay connected with what’s happening in the country. You will find them on all the social media platforms and can sign up for email updates on their website.

If you’re local, we welcome you to join us for the next Ascent on Sunday, April 7 at 7pm at Centralia Faith Tabernacle.

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