The New Year – 2019 // 5779 - Activation

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In the year 5779 - the year of the new wineskin, the womb - God is asking us to partner with Him and activate what is inside of us.

Activation is inside of us.
There is an activation inside of us.
The brokenness you feel is you breaking out of your old wine skin.
To all the weary travelers – don’t give up on hope.
Don’t give up on hoping in Him.
Let hope arise like the dawn.

CFT Prophetic Song

As you listen to the audio below, place your hands on your womb and declare ‘ACTIVATION’ over it individually and over the body of Christ regionally and nationally.

The Lord shared with us that prodigals were on His heart. He released Song of Songs 4:16 through the fragrance of lavender in the air and highlighted the scripture that proclaimed this is the year of robes and rings, of wrestling and activating angels to assist.

Key activation points for your personal life:

  1. Thank God for the activation that has begun in you as you partner with Him. Ask Him to release joy and excitement right in the midst of your situation for what He is doing and what you are carrying.

  2. Brokenness is a gift. Ask God to show you the blessing in the brokenness that you have been facing. Declare over yourself - “This brokenness is the breaking out of the old wineskin and into the new!”

Key activation for the region/body of Christ:

  1. Pray for Kingdom activation across the region in the Body of Christ. Declare that we would fully come out of the old wineskins and step into the new.

  2. Declare that the Kingdom era has begun and that everything the Lord has planned will come to pass in the region.

  3. Declare that the prodigals will smell the fragrance, be drawn back home to receive their ring and their robe. Send the angels to assist in the places of wrestling. Declare that nothing will be lost and nothing will be wasted!

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