Stand on Guard // Preparing the Platform

When we hosted our regional worship and intercession night called, The Ascent, on Sunday, March 3, the Lord began to unfold strategy and reveal His heart to us in preparation for the coming months. This is part three of our series, Stand on Guard. Make sure you check out the previous two posts to join in agreement and continue to bring Heaven to earth.

Because we follow the Spirit of the Lord, the Ekklesia are a creative people! Not just in the natural realm, but in the realm of the spirit. As we agree with Heaven, we begin to create on earth what is in Heaven. There is no word, sound or decree that will fall short when it is spoken from the mouth of the Lord and breathed on by the Holy Spirit. God’s word promises us that.

With this in mind, let’s begin to use our words to create the coming platform that our new government will step onto - that from the ashes, from the rubble, the platform of righteousness will begin to rise up from the very foundations of the destiny spoken into our nation at its conception.  

This is how we govern in the spirit. We lean in to listen to the Lord then decree, creating and forming the culture we live in. This is the governing role that the Ekklesia was made to function in. The following audio clips reveal our role in the creation and preparation of the platform. Join in agreement that over the next months the platform is being formed by the divine empowerment of the Holy Spirit.

Prophetic Word

And I desire to partner with my bride.
So, stand at attention and prepare to war.
With the eagle above and the Lion at your side.
We shall go into battle for this nation.
Press in. Persevere and don’t look back.
This nation will be mighty once more.
This nation will set a blazing fire of Godly glory –
pointing all nations back to the Lord.
Press in. Persevere. Don’t lose hope.

Join us for the next Ascent on Sunday, April 7 at 7pm at Centralia Faith Tabernacle.

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