Prayer Gathering

This past Saturday, March 31, 140 people gathered from across Southwestern Ontario to strategically pray for what God wanted to do in our nation. It was a powerful time that positioned us to continue to hold our ground as our nation continues to shake.

Over the hours that we were together, we covered so much ground that it would be impossible to share it all here, but we wanted to release a few highlights.

After a time of worship, we were given a revelatory teaching on the significance of communion by Dr. Bernardine Daniels who then went on to teach about making declarations and decrees.

  1. Declarations - Making known what we have possession of because of what Jesus did for us. It strengthens our inner core for the decrees that we will make. They state that we have legal right because of what Jesus did.

  2. Decrees - Establish His purposes on earth. Angels come to assist as we make decrees based on our legal right and Heaven is manifested on Earth.

After the teaching, we were activated into a time of prophetic intercession over the region of Southwestern Ontario where it became clear that family was on the heart of the Lord. We began to decree restoration, healing and for religious structures to be removed from the formation of families. Decrees were made from Malachi 4:6 to reconcile the generations.


On the day after the prayer gathering, we received a testimony from an individual that a reconnection was made with a family member they had not had contact with for over 15 years. This happened on Saturday, March 31 - the very same day we were praying for reconciliation of families in our region and they had no idea that we were making these decrees! Be wildly encouraged - this is a sign that the Lord is moving in families.

After praying for the region, George Woodward gave a teaching on regional transformation and the 51Forty vision - that 51% of Canada will be saved by 2040. Past prophetic words over Canada were released and we began to pray specific, targeted prayers over Faytene and her team, each province and over Israel.

Huge thank you to our Harvest Outreach International family for hosting such a powerful event.


As watchmen, I’m sure you can sense that this is a critical point for the country of Canada. That means as the ekklesia, we need to get low. Like reeeaaalllly low - relying on God to deliver wisdom as we pray and intercede for justice to rule. Humility will be of the utmost importance as we continue to move forward as one.

A key piece to the puzzle that we began to see on Saturday at the Prayer Summit was that God wanted to turn this ship - our nation - around. But in order to do that, it’s going to take an ekklesia who are listening, declaring and decreeing in unity. In the natural, in order to turn a large ship there is great preparation and strategy. All the parts will need to be working together and moving in unison to create the synergy necessary to shift. This is a prophetic picture of the season we are in. We encourage you to stay connected and we will see this ship turned towards righteousness with justice leading the way.

If you can, join us at The Ascent this Sunday evening at Centralia Faith Tabernacle at 7pm. We will be continuing to declare and decree through prophetic intercession as we hear what is on the Father’s heart for where we are right now and where we are headed.


Join us for the next Ascent on Sunday, April 7 at 7pm at Centralia Faith Tabernacle.

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