Preparing for Change | A Call to the Secret Place

From May 3 - 8 we attended some gatherings where we joined with fellowships from across the nation of Canada to hear the heart of the Lord. We were empowered with strategies to continue to impact our community and nation and were called into action, especially in this time of change as the elections draw near. This series, Preparing for Change, is going to pull out some of the highlights to keep us moving forward together in the same direction. The church of Canada is very much awake and alive!

Show us Your face

As mentioned in our previous post, we are in the month of Iyar in the Hebrew calendar. One of the attributes of this month is that the Lord reveals His covenant secrets to His people in this place of transition. Think about that - right in the place where we feel so unsure of what the next step looks like, God reveals Himself to us and we become sure of His character in our lives.

The transition – the place in the middle – is a very special place to the Father. In the Bible we see numerous characters who find themselves in the middle and are visited by the nature of God that changes them forever.

As we gathered to pray, worship and hear what was on God’s heart, He began to show us that there is a trumpet call sounding to head to our ‘secret place’, right in the middle of the transition. This is significant for a few reasons.

Firstly, we discovered in the last post, there is a temptation (especially for intercessors right now) to grow weary in planting seeds – Gal. 6:9. In the secret place, we are refreshed over and over again. In transition, with uncertainty surrounding us, this is going to be a key position for us. It’s the kindness and goodness of God to call us close in this time.

Secondly, as we enter into the secret place with the Lord we are transformed. When we stop seeking God for what’s next and just seek His face to get another revelation of who He is, He shows us a new side of His face. Once He reveals a specific part of His nature, we become like that part of Him. It’s incredible! Take a look at 2 Cor. 3:18, “And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into His image with ever-increasing glory, which comes from the Lord, who is the Spirit.” We look at His face and we are transformed!

We are believing that in this pivotal time of transition, God is calling us in to reveal a new side of His face. As a result of this sweet fellowship, we will be transformed and ready for whatever awaits us on the other side of the transition. God wants to meet us right in the middle!

Take a listen to the following audio clip. In the book of Revelation 4:8, as the four living creatures looked upon the face of the Lord their response was simple – “Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord God Almighty, who was and is and is to come.” Then He would turn, and they would respond again! We are decreeing and believing for encounters for you in this middle place.

“Turn your face to me, God. It is new to me. You are Holy.”

“We move from glory to glory by looking at another side of Your face.”

“There’s a side of my face you can only see when you’re stuck in the middle here with Me.”

- CFT Worship Team


  1. What would engaging in this word about the secret place look like for you? Maybe it’s setting aside specific time or fasting. Ask the Lord how you can more fully enter into this middle place in this season of transition for yourself personally and for our nation.

  2. Ask the Lord what He wants to reveal to you about His nature in this place. In what areas does He want to transform you to become more like Him? That’s the place of encounter He has awaiting you!

  3. Pray that the church would hear the trumpet sound calling to the secret place. Dispatch angels to hold us steady in the transition – focused and determined to see His face.

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