Preparing for Change | A Coming Shift

From May 3 - 8 we attended  a conference to join with fellowships from across the nation of Canada to hear the heart of the Lord. We were empowered with strategies to continue to impact our community and nation, and were called into action, especially in this time of change as the elections draw near. This series, Preparing for Change, is going to pull out some of the highlights to keep us moving forward together in the same direction. The church of Canada is very much awake and alive!

Word over Canada

One of the keynote speakers was a prophet named Tony Foster. He released this word that we can continue to agree with and pray into over the coming months.

In the name of Jesus ā€“ Your government is about to shift. The enemy cannot have this nation, the enemy cannot have this nation. This nation belongs to God. I am raising up apostolic centers that will be my voice and a shining light in this nation. The spirit of perversion must leave Canada, the spirit of perversion must leave Canada in the name of Jesus. There are babies that will be delivered, your children will be delivered. I will change the trajectory of the education system and I will bring down immorality in your nation in the name of Jesus. And Iā€™m raising up a new generation that will cry out to me.

Over these next 90 days you shall pray for Canada. You shall fast for Canada. You shall intercede for Canada.

I will shift your Prime Minister and I will deliver your Prime Minister. I will bring your Prime Minister to his knees, says the Spirit of the Living God.

- Prophetic Word from Tony Foster


  1. Declare that the Lord is shifting this nation. Ask the Lord how you can partner with Him and what your role is in seeing this word come to fruition. There are both spiritual and practical things that the Lord wants to talk with us about. Position yourself to hear both.

  2. Repent on behalf of Canada for perversion and ask Holy Spirit to cleanse this nation from this spirit and its effects on all people.

  3. Ask the Lord about entering a fast for the next 90 days. What might that look like for you?

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