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From May 3 - 8 we attended some gatherings where we joined with fellowships from across the nation of Canada to hear the heart of the Lord. We were empowered with strategies to continue to impact our community and nation and were called into action, especially in this time of change as the elections draw near. This series, Preparing for Change, is going to pull out some of the highlights to keep us moving forward together in the same direction. The church of Canada is very much awake and alive!

Getting involved

With the elections coming up, there are some really important pieces of information that we can grab onto both spiritually and practically to help steer the political ship of our nation. When we were at the national conference, Dave Kalamen and Brendan Witton led a session to prepare us. I’ve included some of the highlights below.

We have learned that whoever controls the definition of words controls the culture. For example, the definition of tolerance used to be that you can be you and I can be me and we don’t have to agree. Now, the definition has shifted to be that if you don’t agree with the other point of view, you are intolerant. Whoever controls the definition of words controls the culture.

It is important that we understand that church and state are not separate matters. This is an idea that we must reject moving forward as the Ekklesia. Not only is it the church’s mandate to win souls, but it is also to disciple and govern nations. It is also important to note that there are both spiritual AND practical ways that we can let our voice be heard. As intercessors, it’s easy to just think about the spiritual side – which we know is critical – but forget that there are also very practical ways to help.

Here are some practical ways that we can be involved in the upcoming elections on top of voting and praying.

  1. Get involved in the process by volunteering at voting stations.

  2. Support a local candidate whose party you believe in by canvassing for them. We heard a story of a God-fearing candidate from Windsor who lost by only 12 votes! Remember, we can make a difference. With God, it’s not just “whatever happens, happens” attitude. He wants us to partner with Him to bring Heaven to Earth both in the spirit and in the natural. Ask the Lord how He wants you to become involved.

  3. Become educated on some of the key issues. Know where each of the parties stand. Remember, it is the party’s platform that you are voting in, not the candidate.

  4. Build relationship with your local MP. Let them know you are praying for them and offer to help where needed.

Here are some great resources to stay connected to what’s happening regarding the elections.

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