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Our Regional family gathered at Centralia Faith Tabernacle for The Ascent on Sunday, April 7 to worship, pray and intercede for our nation. This is the second post in a series called, Restoring the Foundation, that is unpacking the direction and revelation that came from our time together.

Burning Ones

The night was opened up with a prophetic word that came through the Elijah list from Nellie O’Hara in Ottawa. Below are a few highlights but we encourage you to read the entire word on Elijah List by clicking here 

Recently, as I was driving, I heard the Lord speak over Canada: "Old structures are falling down. Old ways of doing things are not working anymore. The days of back-room meetings, the days of hoodwinking, those days are over. Those days are gone."

I hear the Lord saying, "Transparency ... transparency is the freedom that is coming to this land. Transparency in thought. Transparency in deed. Transparency. I see prosperity falling as the snow falls ... ever so gently. There is prosperity falling across this nation from coast to coast as old structures are being taken down by their very foundations.

I Give You This Nation

"I see a people rising. They are saying, 'It's enough, enough!' I see eyes being opened, I see ears being opened and yes, there is an awakening. Finally! Finally I have a people who are listening to My voice. Finally, I have a people who hear My thoughts and are willing to go forth – are willing to put their foot towards their future. Oh, you have all seen the tsunami coming. You have all seen the tidal wave coming, but there is a reckoning, a reckoning that has to do with justice for the founding fathers of this country. There is a reckoning that has to do with recovery and restoration and restitution for the destiny of this nation."

I hear the Lord saying, "I give you this nation, as a gift. It is My gift to you. It is My promise," says the Lord. "I continue to say, 'Do not fear, do not be shaken.' The turnaround of what man's agenda was is here."

"False idols are crumbling and your children are rising, for I have seeded within a generation a foundation that is building to take the structure of withholding off of your limited view.

"There is an inner oil rig inside of you, and hear Me this day: the oil is going to flow. The oil of My Spirit is going to flow and dismantle that which is not in alignment with My dream for you and for your destiny. My oil will flow, and My oil is going to burn. There will be burning ones who are relevant to walk in My ways and My love, and My love will burn through their veins. As My oil flows, the oil of this nation will flow and prosper.

"He made him ride on the high places of the earth, and he ate the produce of the field; and He made him suck honey from the rock, and oil from the flinty rock." (Deut. 32:13 NASB)

See My Oil Flood Your Spheres

"The oil will flow in government. The oil will flow in education. The oil will flow in media. The oil will flow in ministry. The oil will flow in every area. The oil will flow into the cranks as the oil rigs are being cranked up.

"There will be a seven-fold return on what has been stolen. I will redeem," says the Lord, "I will redeem the days. I will redeem the destruction. I will redeem the time. I will redeem the hurt and the agony.

"The days of great healing are coming upon this nation. Liberty and plumb lines of righteousness and the true freedom that comes with these are hovering as their holding pattern is being readied to land. Just as My hand swept across the United States, My hand will sweep across this nation."

Nellie O’Hara, Ottawa, Canada

After this word was released, there was an immediate response. Check out the sound clip below.


The theme of flames and oil continued throughout the evening as children’s crafts, pictures, words and scriptures confirmed that the Lord was releasing a flame that could not be put out. One of the words was about a blue flame that we discovered represented the habitation of the Holy Spirit inside our human spirit, which announced that it would not be by man’s might or man’s power but by the Spirit of the Lord.


  1. Ask the Lord to release the anointing oil that He has for you in this season, for such a time as this. Let Him reveal anything about it that is specific to you.

  2. Decree that the oil is going to flow in order to align you to the dream and destiny that God has for you.

  3. Ask Holy Spirit where there are old structures in your life that are inhibiting you from moving forward.

KEY ACTIVATION POINTS FOR the nation/body of christ:

  1. Decree that the old structures are coming down in this nation and we will receive the freedom - the transparency - that the Lord is delivering to us.

  2. Decree that the oil is going to flow in order to align our nation with the dream and destiny that God has for it. Let the oil flow!

  3. Decree that the oil ignites the hearts of the church across Canada.

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