Restoring the Foundation | Righteousness + Truth

Our Regional family gathered at Centralia Faith Tabernacle for The Ascent on Sunday, April 7 to worship, pray and intercede for our nation. This is the third post in the series called, Restoring the Foundation, that has been unpacking the direction and revelation that came from our time together.

Righteousness + Truth

There has been a lot uncovered in our nation in the past two weeks. We have been praying that the Lord would uproot any unrighteousness in our foundation so, even though it’s unsettling, it doesn’t come as a surprise. Media headlines jumped all over the removal of Jody Wilson-Raybould (voice of truth + integrity) from caucus and we saw video footage that she was repositioned to the back corner of the house of commons. This was a significant act in the spirit. What looked like a triumph of the enemy shutting down the voice of truth was actually a divine set-up. As the Lord opened our eyes, we started to see He was positioning His truth as the cornerstone once again in Canadian government.

One of our prayer partners in our regional family who were not able to join us at The Ascent forwarded a confirmation of what the Lord was speaking to her this week.

I have had for a few weeks now the phrase Jody Wilson-Raybould used, "Truth to Power," running through my head. As I have been asking the Father about it, I have begun to see it as a prophetic word declaration made over this nation. JWR used it in relation to our natural government but we as the Ekkelsia need to recognize it as well. The Word of God is the ultimate and whole truth to be upheld by the Church of Jesus Christ as we step into the fullness of our authority as the governing Ekkelsia in this hour. The Word of God has permeated the governmental Ekkelsia and filled it with truth powerful enough to move mountains.

As the night continued, we released the righteousness and justice that we heard calling from the ground, calling the nation to open their eyes and ears to receive the sound. We declared that it is HIS righteousness that stands alone, not our twisted version of righteousness. How easy is it to develop our own definition of righteousness and implement that? On a governmental level, we are decreeing the establishment of righteousness and justice, that the voice of truth would be the new sound ringing throughout the nation.


  1. Repent for accepting any version of righteousness that isn’t the Lord. Perhaps one of the sneakiest man-made versions of righteousness is self-righteousness. Ask Him to heal your soul from any wrong definitions that have been laid in your foundation and ask the Lord to exchange it for His truth. Repent for self-righteousness and anything else the Lord wants to reveal. Exchange it for His righteousness!

  2. Because you’ve been restored by faith in His righteousness, you can decree that unrighteousness is being uprooted from the foundation of our nation.

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