Preparing for Change | We Are Transitioning

From May 3 - 8 we attended some gatherings where we joined with fellowships from across the nation of Canada to hear the heart of the Lord. We were empowered with strategies to continue to impact our community and nation and were called into action, especially in this time of change as the elections draw near. This series, Preparing for Change, is going to pull out some of the highlights to keep us moving forward together in the same direction. The church of Canada is very much awake and alive!


Over the past few weeks, the Lord has made it very clear to us that we have entered a period of transition. For those of you who follow the Hebrew calendar, this is the month of Iyar, which is the month where the children of Israel transitioned to a new level in their relationship with God. It’s a season of transition where God began to reveal His covenant secrets to them! It is also no coincidence that this is right smack dab in the middle of the 50 days heading from Passover to Pentecost. So much transition!

When Apostle Tim Sheets was in St. Thomas, he spoke of a shaking that was occurring in the heavenlies. We believe that this is all part of the transition where things that need to be shaken off will be shaken so that only Kingdom will remain. He also identified an eighth company of angels that the Lord was releasing in this hour – the RE VIV ALL angels. They are bringing personal revival and are also working to revive all that has been lost. It’s all coming back to us!

This past Sunday at Centralia Faith Tabernacle, the Lord opened up to reveal and confirm His heart for us in this time. It’s important that we remember that while the transition is for us personally first, it is also for the Body of Christ corporately and for our nation.

Below are some of the words and songs released for this season. There are angels assisting this transition. It’s important to God that we make it through the transition successfully!

It’s time to move!
I see angels on assignment. They’re assisting your transition.

- CFT Worship Team

Take a deep breath

As the Lord is uprooting and shaking loose anything that has caused to you be stuck, take a deep breath and let Him begin to move you with His wind. He is the one moving you towards Him in this season of transition. His grace is enough to sustain us even when we don’t know what the other side looks like. Pulling in close to Him will be key in this season. More on that in the next post!


Take a deep breath, catch a new wind as we move towards you, Jesus.

- CFT Worship Team


  1. Continue to agree with the Lord to shake everything that needs to be shaken in your life personally, in the body of Christ as well as in the nation. You can check out the whole word that was released on Friday, May 3 by Apostle Tim Sheets under the ‘MESSAGES’ section.

  2. As you listen to the sound that was released, agree with the Lord that He is sending the angels to uproot anything that has caused you to grow weary and become stuck. Take a deep breath. Catch a new wind as you move towards Him.

  3. Pray this over the body of Christ as well as our nation and listen to see if Holy Spirit has anything specific for you to ask the angels to uproot. Let Him assist you in dealing with any roots that have prevented the body and our nation from moving forward.

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