Election 2019 | 35 Days


In light of our upcoming election, we are hosting a gathering in the region to pray, decree and believe for the changes necessary in our nation. God has made known His heart’s desire for Canada through many Prophetic Words throughout our nation’s history – some dating back to 1776.  Let the Ekklesia rise in power, authority and fear of the Lord. 

Join us at the Breakthrough to Victory Summit this Friday, September 20 for a night of prophetic worship and declaration. What a strategic night this will be. Tucked in right before the beginning of the new Hebrew year and the election, we believe this moment will position the Ekklesia of Canada to for what is to come. We are excited to welcome Apostles Tim Sheets, Barbara Yoder and Clay Nash.

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Election update + prayer points

As of today, there is 35 days until the election.

I am truly thankful, for the men and women who have gathered from across our nation, from September 11th to the 14th, in Saint John, New Brunswick. They have united for the Battle for Canada Event, to be a voice crying out for the very heart of Canada. It was here, in Saint John, New Brunswick that the foundation and spiritual DNA of our nation was laid and where our nation was named, the Dominion of Canada.  This is the place where it all began.

As part of the body gathered on one side of the country, we take our place on this side. Let’s be reminded of the importance of praying for Quebec. It is the 2nd largest province by population and Justin Trudeau’s home turf. Toronto is another very populated area that has a great ability to swing votes. What these two have in common is that in their foundations are the “spiritual groundwork” that the Lord had begun long ago.

For I am confident of this very thing, that He who began a good work in you, will perfect it until the day of Christ Jesus.

Philippians 1:6

Quebec was born as a Catholic colony and much of its population still identifies with its religion. Billy Graham said in an interview with David Mainse, that Toronto used to be referred to as “Toronto the good”.   

Below are a few prophecies to declare and agree with. May you be encouraged by the words of the Lord and His desire for Canada. 

Mike Jacobs (husband to Cindy Jacobs) was awakened by the Lord and reminded about a prophesy released in 1980’s from their prayer network | October 23, 2016

And God was speaking to me in the morning, 'Have I not said there is going to be a REVIVAL?' So, He is stirring this word once again, and we are going to start seeing this revival.  The Lord also said 'As a dynamic of this revival, there will be a significant outpouring of the Holy Spirit on Catholics - the charismatic Catholics are going to be very involved in this.'  It will come like fire for the charismatic Catholic church, and He kept saying for them 'embrace the fire!'  The Lord reminded me about a word that God gave Cindy some years ago, 'When there is this outpouring of the Holy Spirit, it will cause some of the Catholics to move away from any idolatry, the statues, and there will be like a pure branch of the Roman Catholic church, this may even cause a split to some degree in the Catholic church.  The traditional evangelicals, charismatics, and Pentecostals, will be amazed at the power and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit in terms of signs, wonders, and miracles in the charismatic Catholic Church.'"

Billy Graham | 1978

Well you know Canada stands for peace in the world, and Canada has not taken sides in many of the world disputes, such as Vietnam and so forth in the past.  And you have a spiritual heritage here both in Quebec and in Ontario and in Western Canada. And you have the spiritual ground work is already here.  And there is an after glow that I think you feel, now people are not attending church today in Canada as they once were.  Toronto was once called, when I first came here, Toronto the good.  Because so many people went to church, so many people believed in God, so many people believed in Christ. But I believe that Canada stands in a very unique position.  If Canada should have a spiritual awakening and a spiritual revival, I think it could lead the world, I think the whole world would look to Canada and I think Canada could become the world leader in the spiritual dimension.

Kennneth Copeland | July 4, 2009

“This Great Awakening” Prophecy (tongues) This “Great Awakening” is hanging heavy over the United States even tonight. This “Great Awakening” is hanging heavy around the nations of the world but most especially in this country and in Canada. This “Great Awakening” that is hanging there is just hanging there to be realized and to be released throughout this nation and throughout the nation of Canada, and then in turn throughout the rest of the world.

Pastor George Pearsons |  September 15, 2006

I will only use the humble in heart in the Great Awakening – this Final Awakening before my Son returns. The politicians will be coming to you, knocking on your doors. “Help me” they will cry. “What do we do about this issue? Give us guidance.” Some of you ministers will become “speech writers.” The politicians will beg you, “We need the right words. We need God’s Word!” Changes will take place here in the political realm. One moment, the ungodly will be in o­ffice, the next moment, they will be gone, and the Godly will have taken their place. It’s time to go up to the next level. It’s time for Canada’s Great Awakening!

Pray and decree

We agree with your word Lord, for a revival and a significant outpouring of your Spirit.  Do what only you can do.   

Zechariah 4:6   So he said to me, “This is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel, “Not by might, nor by power, but by My spirit says the Lord Almighty.”

Luke 18:27  Jesus replied, “What is impossible with man is possible with God.”

Awaken the church and restore the foundation of our nation.   Where we have lost vision, RESTORE so that we are no longer blind.  Unify all believers so that Your anointing will come!

Eph 1:18  I pray that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened so that you may know what is the hope of His calling, what are the riches of the glory of His inheritance in the saints.

And may we say, like Mary  in Luke 1:38  “Behold, We are the servants of the Lord; may it be done to us according to your Word”

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