From the Region

We want to send out a big thank you for those who have sent us what you have been hearing from the Lord. It is incredible to be able to see on a regional scale what is beginning to happen. Below contains a collection of the prominent themes that have been submitted. Be encouraged as we keep advancing together. 

A vision was sent in that described an angel blowing a trumpet with a call to gather. It was reminiscent of when Nehemiah made the call to build the wall and everyone came to lend a hand. There is something powerful about us joining together to build with the supernatural blueprint that the Lord has given us. 

Just like in the natural, the job looks too big to accomplish. Where do I begin to put my hand to the plow in order to rebuild a nation? How could my voice matter? What can I do? If any of this sounds like familiar thought patterns running through your head, make sure you catch them quickly! Those thoughts will lead you down the road of hopelessness instead of the road of dissatisfaction that is imperative in motivating us to act. 

Some of the feedback we have been hearing sounds something like this - “Why would it matter if I voted? The government is going to do what they want to anyways.” Make no mistake, this is the same strategy that caused the righteous to take a back seat in previous political engagement – hopelessness that leads to defeat. If this attitude isn’t torn down and combated in the spirit, it will thwart the supernatural work that the Lord is asking us to partner with Him on. 

The trumpets have been sounded - Gather. Speak. Build.

The Windsor-Essex Apostolic Council shared this word with us below in July which confirms the call to gather.

2020 will be a pivotal year. 
YOU WILL SEE CHANGES in your government and city 
Changing of the guard
Tell your sons and daughters 
Gather your family.
Like a mother hen gathers her children to protect them.
Tell them to get into a place of safety
And return to ME.
For in ME is that safety in these last days.
I will give them instructions.

We’ll have lots more to release in the coming weeks, including some of the words and themes that have been sent in from across the region. Our next Ascent is scheduled for Sunday, August 25 at 7pm. You are instrumental in hearing what the Lord is saying! Join us if you’re able.

Prayer activation

  1. Ask the Lord what it looks like for you to respond to the call to gather. Decree that the Church across Canada will gather and be mobilized in this hour.

  2. Be mindful in asking Holy Spirit to reveal any place that hopelessness has taken hold of you. Repent and ask the Lord to refresh you with hope. Decree that the body of Christ will shake off hopelessness and embrace holy dissatisfaction.

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