Unlocking Our Voice | Solutions

Our Regional family gathered at Centralia Faith Tabernacle for The Ascent on Sunday, July 7 to worship, pray and intercede for our nation. These next posts will be unpacking the direction and revelation that came from these times in a series titled – Unlocking Our Voice.

Creativity, Colour, Blueprints and Solutions!

There is such a great release of creativity, colour, blueprints and solutions being unlocked at this time. They are laced with hope and expectancy! Promise and provision! 

It’s a new day! We need relevant solutions that are going to affect the world we currently live in. The Lord has the answers we need. There is so much change that needs to happen that surely we can’t miss! Here are a couple of shorter audio clips of prayers and decrees that we can join with. Let’s agree that God has plans and that they are going to find their landing place on the ones who will write them down so that we can run with them. (Habakkuk 2:3)

Let this last clip play over you. Can you hear the release of creativity, colours, blueprints and solutions?

We’ll have lots more to release in the coming weeks, including some of the words and themes that have been sent in from across the region . Our next Ascent is scheduled for Sunday, August 25 at 7pm. You are instrumental in hearing what the Lord is saying! Join us if you’re able.

Prayer activation

  1. The Lord has all the answers to creating a nation that flourishes under the righteous rule of the King. Ask the Lord to release angels delivering assignments for this hour. Solutions to the big problems in society are now being released. 

  2. True justice in the eyes of the Lord is restorative. Ask the Lord to bring his justice to the dysfunctional systems that have been set up in our nation. Is there a part He’s asking you to play?

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