Unlocking Our Voice

Unlocking Our Voice

Our Regional family gathered at Centralia Faith Tabernacle for The Ascent on Sunday, July 7 to worship, pray and intercede for our nation. These next posts will be unpacking the direction and revelation that came from these times in a series titled – Unlocking Our Voice. 

The Ascent – July 7, 2019

As The Ascent began, it became clear that the Lord wanted to restore our voice as His church. In this critical time in our nation, it’s more important than ever to have our voices heard in the Spirit. We have the privilege of assigning the prophetic destiny to our nation. In Romans 17, it declares God to be the one who, “gives life to the dead and calls into being things that were not.” As His sons and daughters, when we agree with those ‘things’ and decree it with our voice, new life is created. What originates in Heaven is able to be manifested on Earth. What a privilege!

Below are a collection of audio clips and words that were released. As you listen through them, use your voice to agree. Bring anything that the Holy Spirit highlights before Him. We believe that He wants to begin to expand these revelations to you. If you receive anything further, please forward them to us. We will keep them on file and release them to the team as the Lord leads us.

The night began with reading three significant prophetic words. You can find the first one on our previous blog here and the other two are included in the audio clip below. One is from Hank Kunneman and the other was from Lance Wallnau, both released in May.

The words were followed by an ascent into worship, then we began to see a vision of fire on the mountain and the Lord began to unlock our voices. As you will see, this would become a significant theme that the Lord continued to unfold throughout the night. We began to assign the prophetic destiny to the nation because of our authority as the Ekklesia.

We’ll have lots more to release in the coming weeks. Our next Ascent is scheduled for Sunday, August 25 at 7pm. You are instrumental in hearing what the Lord is saying! Join us if you’re able.

Activation for our nation

  1. Repent for giving into intimidation and fear on behalf of yourself and on behalf of the body of Christ in Canada.

  2. Ask the Lord to unlock the roar from the church in Canada and decree that she will hear His whisper.

  3. As a prophetic intercessor, what you are seeing and hearing matters! Ask the Lord if there is a piece of the puzzle that He wants you to send in to the Regional Prayer team.

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