Unlocking Our Voice | Assigning Prophetic Identity

Our Regional family gathered at Centralia Faith Tabernacle for The Ascent on Sunday, July 7 to worship, pray and intercede for our nation. These next posts will be unpacking the direction and revelation that came from these times in a series titled – Unlocking Our Voice.

Canada’s Prophetic Identity

It’s so imperative that we partner with the Lord in the unlocking of our voice because one of the Ekklesia’s mandates is to assign to our nation her prophetic identity. Can you see why the enemy would want to muzzle us at this critical moment? Take another look at the word below from Lance Wallnau that was released over Canada in May of this year.

“In the name of Jesus, Canada is going to find it’s prophetic voice and will be the first of the great sheep nations to be able to see the reformation and revival model so the rest of us can learn what to do. We’ll sit at your feet, Canada, and learn what you teach us. It’s the assignment of the church to give the prophetic identity to the nation. The prophetic church knows the identity of the nation that God is raising up. He’s raising up those that will stand. An anointing that is going to increase and astound the enemy. Because you are discovering and recovering the prophetic voice of the church to the nation so that the nation will see its identity. It will not be a nation that has no borders and definition. It will be a nation that knows its assignment and knows its role in history. And it will appeal to the noble instincts that are in the hearts of all Canadians to fulfill a great destiny and you’re going to do it swiftly because the power of God is on you, Canada.

Believers are – by their very nature – a prophetic company. Each one of us hears from the Lord and He entrusts us with secrets, mysteries, and hidden things that we are to bring to the table in order for the body to begin to see the whole picture.

This concept is illustrated in Acts when all the believers brought their ‘possessions’ to the feet of the Apostles to distribute (Acts 4:32-35). What are you in ‘possession’ of that needs to be brought to the table? Living lives that are open and generous will allow you to bring your voice to the table and share it. We must take responsibility for what He has put into our possession.

Read through this prophetic word we received and let the Lord reveal to you the significance of your identity and your purpose. It’s bigger than you could ever know and the influence you carry in the spirit is expanding.

There are some here who are not seeing the mighty warriors that they are.
It’s not about doubting that the Lord is able.
Faith is strong that God is a miracle working Father.
They are not able to see who they are as warriors.
We are the army of the Living god.
Soaring on wings of mighty eagles.
Riding into battle astride the Lion of Judah.
Stand tall.
Stand strong.
Raise your voice.
Authority over the enemy is already yours.
The keys are already in your hands
Stand tall.
March forward.
Raise your voice. Raise your voice.
Let your battle cry out.
It’s time to take back our land.
It’s time to say no to unrighteousness.
it’s time to stand guard and watch over our land.
To steward justice and holy righteousness.
To cast out perversion and wickedness.
To cut out the lying tongue of Jezebel that tries to assert her influence.
To cut off the head of leviathan and python, trying to snuff out our very lives.
The God of angel armies is ready to go into battle. To fight alongside of us.
To dispel all darkness with His glorious light.
It is His turn to snuff out the enemy.
He is calling us to arms.
Stand tall.
Awaken watchmen. Awake warriors – take your place.
It’s time – It’s time – It’s time.
The beacons are lit.
Stand to arms.
Arise mighty warriors.
Be activated.

We’ll have lots more to release in the coming weeks, including some of the words and themes that have been sent in from across the region . Our next Ascent is scheduled for Sunday, August 25 at 7pm. You are instrumental in hearing what the Lord is saying! Join us if you’re able.

Prayer activation

  1. Take some time to let Holy Spirit affirm who you are and your significance to Him. Allow Him to remove wrong expectations you have on yourself and any boxes that you have built to hem yourself in. 

  2. From this place of power, begin to ask for revelation of the identity God has released over this nation. Don’t know where to start? Contact us and we’ll get you in touch with a book filled with the words spoken over Canada. You can also begin by decreeing Psalm 72 and start dreaming with the Lord of what it might look like if He truly did have dominion from sea to sea.

  3. Ask the Lord the question – What would Canada look like if it was covered in your glory? Focus on what he’s showing you and declare it!

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